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  • KIPP Baltimore

    1. Since KIPP schools only go to the 8th grade, how can KIPP claim that their students will attend and complete college?

      In addition to the rigorous college-preparatory academic programs students receive at KIPP elementary and middle schools, KIPP continues to support its alumni through the KIPP to College Program. KIPP to College offers KIPP graduates in high school (and eventually college) ongoing academic support which includes, on-site tutoring, free SAT classes, individual advocacy, and assistance with all aspects of the college application process.

    2. If KIPP schools are public schools, why do they need to fund raise?

      KIPP schools in Baltimore only receive about 75% of their total operating budgets from public per pupil funding. This is because KIPP's program extends beyond the scope of public funding. Examples of these programs include KIPP Through College; as well as teacher stipends for our extended days, weeks, and year.

    3. I have a child at Ujima. Does my 4-year-old automatically get into Harmony?

      Yes! Both schools are on one charter, so we can allow siblings of Ujima students to by-pass the Harmony lottery if seats are available

  • Ujima Village Academy

    1. Does KIPP Ujima accept students in grades other than 5th?

      KIPP Ujima Village Academy will enroll 6th Graders if there is space available.  Parents must enroll their child in the 6th Grade lottery.  If the child's name is not drawn, he or she will be put on the waitlist in the order of which his or her name was pulled in the lottery.

    2. I have two children who are entering the lottery. If one gets in, does the other automatically get in?

      Yes. We ask on the application whether your child has a sibling in the lottery. But please make sure you complete a separate application for each child you are entering into the lottery.

    3. If my child has a sibling at Ujima, does he/she need to go through the lottery?

      Yes! Complete an application and check “sibling of current student” on it before turning it in.  If it's a grade level where no space is available, they'll be moved to the top of the wait list.