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Harmony School Testimonials

  • "With every new high-quality school we open in Baltimore, we raise the bar for what our students can achieve.  KIPP Baltimore has been raising the bar since it opened its first middle school in 2002, and now with the opening of KIPP Harmony Academy, City Schools looks forward to continuing to work with KIPP for many years to come to keep raising the bar for our children and their families." - Dr. Andres Alonso, Former CEO of Baltimore City Schools

KIPP Alumni

  • I learned all I need for high school from KIPP!

    - Darian Wilson, Alumnus
  • KIPP taught me to be more of a gentleman than I was before.

    - Randolph Taylor, Alumnus

KIPP Board Members

  • The public - private partnership of the KIPP model provides a high return on investment for the private supporter KIPP funds go far both in number of students served and in their outstanding performance.

    - R. Hutch Vernon, Board Member
  • KIPP Baltimore is positively effecting change in the lives of school children by producing extraordinary results. From my perspective, KIPP is Baltimore's brightest light!

    - Mitchell Whiteman, Board Member
  • "I am so excited to see KIPP Baltimore opening a second school to serve children in my district.  KIPP has made great contributions to the lives of young people in Baltimore, and I am proud to be an Honorary Board Member of this important organization as it expands its impact in our city."

    - Congressman, Elijah Cummings
  • Our future leaders are our children and it is my privilege to work with the team at KIPP Baltimore to help prepare our students for success in college and in life. We teach our students the value of an education and teach them the importance of building their character and academic skills in order to succeed in college and beyond. We hope to help build a better future together to teach children to be happy, self sufficient, successful adults in this global competitive world. The greatest reward from volunteering at KIPP Baltimore is to see the tremendous joy on the faces of our students as they work together as a team, read, learn, grow, and help build a better world for themselves and for all of us.

    - Wendy Perrow, KIPP Baltimore Supporter

KIPP Parents

  • As I look back on why I choose KIPP Ujima Village Academy it was because of what KIPP had to offer. My daughter needed a school that was challenging and better than the average middle school. I was sold on the slogan Knowledge Is Power - and their commitment to prepare her for high school and college.

    - Janet Alford, 7th Grade Parent

KIPP Teachers

  • I work here because I hope my life will have some small impact on the lives of others. I love our kids because they choose to be here, they choose to work longer and harder, and they choose to climb the mountain to college. If I can help them achieve their goals, then my time and effort are well spent. I love watching our kids grow into young adults who will have a positive impact on their families, their communities, and their world.

    - Mike Lucas, Principal of KIPP Ujima Village Academy
  • I love working at KIPP because I feel like I belong here! The students and staff are constantly working together to achieve success. We leave no room for excuses and take an active role in our future.

    - Nancy Poole, Alumni Solutions Coordinator
  • Working at KIPP has been liberating for me as an educator. I am given the freedom to really teach the curriculum but also life lessons and good habits, the way that I know is best for my students. I can see the impact I am making on each and every child I come in contact with, even once they leave KIPP.

    - Megan Hall, KIPP Through College Director
  • When giving tours at KIPP, my favorite stop is the Wall of Pride. I love to share with visitors how our students work really hard to earn themselves entry to some of the best college-prep high schools in Maryland and the Country for that matter!

    - Hilarie Yoffe, Director of Communications
  • I love working at KIPP because I know from personal experience that your circumstances don’t have to determine your future. At KIPP, students are given opportunities to believe that success in life is a real possibility and they are surrounded with teachers that believe in them!

    - Tammi Coit, Assistant Principal at KIPP Ujima
  • I love working at KIPP because I enjoy interacting with families and children. It exciting to work on activities that not only make a difference in our school, but in our community.

    - Sherrell Savage, KIPP Parent and Community Engagement Coordinator
  • I am excited to go to work every day because I know I will be surrounded by a team that is passionate about the work that we do and is driven to provide the best education for our students. Teaching Spanish at the elementary level is incredibly fulfilling because our kindergarten and first grade Kippsters are already able to have conversations en español! This will open so many doors for them as they climb the mountain to college and beyond.

    - Danielle Anderson, Assistant Principal at KIPP Harmony Academy
  • I love working at KIPP because I get to work with students who have a passion for learning and teachers who have a passion for teaching. I love how everyone - students, teachers, administrators, and staff - is willing to do what it takes to meet our high expectations.

    - Jason Farber, English Teacher

Ujima Village Testimonials

  • If there is a problem, we solve it. If there is a better way, we find it. If a teammate needs help, we give it. If we need help, we ask for it. 

    - KIPP Credo
  • When you become a Team and Family member here at KIPP Ujima Village Academy you truly realize the  movement you are a part of.  KIPP holds their students and teachers to high expectations which creates an environment that empowers all to be the change they wish to see in the American Public Educational System.

    - William Stapleton - 5th Grade Science, KIPP Ujima Village Academy