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Welcome to KIPP Baltimore!

After serving as a teacher in a traditional public middle school in Baltimore City, I realized that my students had the potential to achieve at the same levels as children from wealthier communities – but they needed a more unified school and faculty and more time in school to do so. In 2001, I began training in the KIPP School Leadership Program to bring the highly successful KIPP model to children in Baltimore. We opened our first middle school, KIPP Ujima Village Academy, in Baltimore in 2002, and our students, staff, families, board, and supporters have made our program the highest-performing public middle school in the city and one of the highest-performing in the entire state. More importantly, our alumni have earned admission and scholarships to some of the best public and private college-preparatory high schools in the country and are continuing their climb up the mountain to college. We are now excited to have started our first elementary school – KIPP Harmony Academy – and we are prepared not only to close the achievement gap, but to prevent it from happening in the first place!

Thank you for visiting our web site. I hope you enjoy learning about our organization and schools. We invite you to come see our schools in action so that you can witness how much FUN our students and we have learning and working hard, how much we all IMPROVE each day, the strong RELATIONSHIPS we build with each other, and our constant pursuit of EXCELLENCE.

– Jason Botel, Founder and KIPP Baltimore Board Member