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Mission / Vision

The mission of KIPP Baltimore is to create and operate public schools in Baltimore City that lead students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and a diversity of skill levels to attend and succeed in four-year colleges.


The organization works to fulfill its mission through a rigorous program based on KIPP’s five pillars:

  • High Expectations – all students are expected to achieve and ultimately matriculate to college.
  • More Time on Task – all students attend school daily for at least 8 hours during the regular school year and for at least 6.5 hours for three weeks in the summer.
  • Choice and Commitment – all students, parents, and staff choose the school and make a commitment to meet its high expectations.
  • Power to Lead – the school has the power to staff, budget, and teach according to the students’ needs.
  • Focus on Results – KIPP Baltimore measures success based on actual student achievement, and ultimately based on how many of its students graduate from college.

For more information about KIPP at the national level, please visit their website at www.kipp.org.