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Through a partnership with Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, high quality pediatric care for your KIPPster is right down the hall! The Rales Health Center is a one-of-its kind school-based health center located inside our school across from the cafeteria.

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A doctor, a nurse practitioner, nurses, and a medical assistant are at the Rales Health Center every day. The doctor and nurse practitioner can provide well child care and emergency care if your child is sick or injured. The health center also offers care for children with health problems like asthma, allergies, ADHD or diabetes.

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Who can get care at the Rales Health Center?

All KIPP students can see our nurses and medical assistant. In order to see the doctor or nurse practitioner, a student must be enrolled. You can enroll your KIPPster by signing a yellow consent form. 

What services can students get at the Rales Health Center?

School nurse visits:
  • Treatment for minor illnesses and injuries
  • Health education
  • Giving medications (with an order from a doctor or nurse practitioner)
  • Case management
  • Health screening (vision, hearing, blood pressure, weight)
Doctor/nurse practitioner visits:
  • Regular check‐ups, sports physicals
  • Sick visits
  • Immunizations (shots)
  • Treatment of illness or injury (both minor and many emergencies)
  • Care and follow-up for chronic conditions like asthma, ADHD, allergies, and diabetes
  • Connections to health resources like getting health insurance or finding a specialist
  • Prescription medication delivery to school

We use our doctor’s office or urgent care. Why would I take my child to the Rales Health Center?

Having a health center in the school building is convenient. Most of the time, the Rales Health Center staff can treat your child and get them back to class quickly. You are welcome to come to visits with your child, but you don’t have to. You can stay at work or home and talk with them by phone. If your child is too sick to come to school but needs to see a doctor, you can bring them in. We may be able to see them faster than any urgent care facility.

My child already has a doctor, why should I enroll them at the Rales Health Center?

You do not have to give up your child’s doctor to enroll! The Rales Health Center staff work with your doctor. Many families sign up just in case their child needs to get urgent care at school or gets sick during the school day.

Does the Rales Health Center bill my insurance company?

Your insurance will be billed the same way it is at your child’s doctor’s office. The staff will always reach out to you to get your approval for a visit before billing your insurance. The Rales Health Center accepts all insurance types and sees students without insurance. They are committed to making sure that cost is not a barrier to care for your KIPPster.

When is the Rales Health Center open?

The health center is open M-F during regular school hours. You can schedule a visit, or your child can walk in anytime. Feel free to stop by or call us at 410-396-7844.

What is the Rales Parent Engagement team and how do I provide my feedback and support?

Parent engagement, including parental feedback and support, are essential to our work of developing healthy, well, and academically successful students.  The Rales Parent Engagement team collaborates with KIPP faculty, staff, and KPA (KIPP Parent Association) to identify and build programs that address topics of parental concerns, interests, and opinions related to child health and wellness. The goal of the Rales Parent Engagement team is to create opportunities for parents to communicate with the Rales team, network with other parents, engage with experts in child health, and host programs that build family wellness.
Examples of specific Parent Engagement activities include:
  • Outreach campaigns regarding Rales Health Center programs and services
  • Educational campaigns
  • Parent Advisory Group
  • Parent University
  • Parent Leadership Institute (coming FALL 2017)
  • Family Fun Run

In a truly one of a kind partnership, the Rales Team supports KIPP Baltimore teachers, administrators and staff to implement the CDC’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model.

This model, and thus the work of the Rales team, attempts to address critical health and education outcomes through an integrated approach to health and education, supporting the work of the health center and the school to ensure that all KIPP Baltimore students have the knowledge and skills necessary to lead happy, healthy, productive lives.

Examples of specific wellness activities include:

  • Healthy Cooking Club for 3rd and 4th graders
  • Cooking demonstrations with a professional chef for parents
  • Before and after school physical activity programs for students
  • Staff wellness challenges
  • Whole school wellness campaigns on topics ranging from nutrition, to dental health and cold/flu prevention
  • In class physical activity and brain breaks
  • Support of school wide climate initiatives
  • Mindfulness in the classroom

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